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   Belleville Telescope (Newspaper) - February 3, 1881, Belleville, Kansas                                For Money oil Heal Estate, witlidut Commission, Apply to TilEO. HURTZ, Belleville, Kansas, tSOUNTY OFFICIAL DIREPTOBY. �Oommlssionfirfl-T. V. Wotls, (JUalnuan, A. B, IJschelor, John Goold. l'rob*to,JiKlgo, Joseph llootlio. County Clerk, Oliuuucoy Perry. County Attorney, N. T. ViiuNiitta. Sheriff, Jnsiuh Kindt. Clorkol District Court, J. E. HiiIIowoII. llegister 01" Dcisds, Bil. \. Iliillowell. Sup't'of Scliools. J. M.LuwreJice. Surveyor, J. C. Price. Coroner, J. C. Reilcy. llcprescntativo 106th Dist., W. P, Puivkn. IteprcM'.ntrtvive 107th Dist., W. 11, Lolsh. CHURCH DIRECTORY. M, K.^CHURCn.-Prencliing every .Siib-Jmtliut 2 o'clock P.M. biibbath Suiiool at a o'cIockP. JI.     K. W. IIOLLKX-, Pastor. VPRESIJYTKRIAN CliURCU.-Preuchiuj,' on the iMt, 2i1 and 3d Siibbiiths ol caih (nouth at U o'clock A.. M. and fii o'clock P. id. .Siibballi School cverj' Salibath at 10 o'clock A. M. W. It. Hiivnt, Pastor. SOCIETY PIRECTORY^ A. F. & A. M.-Belleville I>od<;e No. I'iD, meets second and fourth .Saliirdiiy of each uionth. H-jf. II.V.SKI';TT-, W. M. CllAUVCKY PI';UKV, 8ecr�tary. r. O. O. F.-R.;llevlllc Lodge Mo. OU. meet--�ivery Monday evening at Uieir ball, over the Rnpnolle ijtoro._.__ urotlicr.? visiting the city are invited to meet with us. A. KINDT,     U. V. VAM'RU.MP, .Secretary. 1. O.O, F.-Itepublic Encampment No.;'.0, ineet.s the lir.'Jt anti vliinl ^^:!(Mrdav evening W eaeh month. PKKltY, C. P. V. VAN TUU.MP, Scribe. A. O. I'. W. Lodge Nn. .Vi, inciils the 1st and od Thursvbiv cveniii,!,'s in ea.'li niniyili. AV.'ll. WUOi)WA5iL), M. W. R. L. \VHn'H, Recorder. D R. E. STOXli;. PHYSICIAN & SURGEON. IDA, KA.N.SAS, All eaUaVroniptlv attonded, day or night. ;!!)S-(;in. G KO. W. .SUTTON,     D., Four miles norUiol l?rantford, would s-ay 'to hts'OTdTritnid-i and iValroiis ( iucss Icfl in" Ins charge. Ulhco in Court iluii.^io, Uelluvillo, Kansas. .;iJI-lf. JOSEPH  BOOTHE^ I? R. O /S >V     K   .T TJ X> Ci IC MAKKS   cnlrii^ti-d to his 3are will be promptly atli'.iulcd to. Final Hovnestcad Proof I'api'rs made oi:l. by which the applicant wiil lie saved iill trouble and exijeu.'^e of going to lIic Land Ollice. OUice in the Court House. I'.clleviUe.  M-U A.E.TAYLOR. ATTonXEy-AT"l7rir."~t;i'l!evdie, Kaii^as. will prartifu in all the (.�ooris of tiic .Sl.-ile. All business eiilnisLed to me will receive prompt and car.'ful attention. Real iCsiale bon.:;hL and sold on conmiisslon. l.'oUeclinn.v a specialty, and proceeas promptly remitted. I(j3-tf. J. J. WARD, Attounky at Law, Relleville,, will promptly attend to all legal biisino.-s entrusted tolii.scarc. ;51J-lf $500,000.$500,000. T. Nl. WOBLE. Has ?.")0l),0riO to Loan on Land.k in Noilh-weSLcrn Ivansa?. .\lho fine lands to sell. Practices in all coiiit> of the sia'.o. OSf* Ofliee west side of Public Pqinu'c, Belleville. M-J-lf LOAN,S MONKY, IH^YS & S1';lLS LAND. JgfO (lice second door soulhoj; J>r. Tay_^ -RsT'irDrTii'HTore'. '    oSl-tf. BELLEVILLE HOUSE. BELLKVILLK     -     -     -     KAN.SAS. M. J. POST. Proprietor. This house having clianged liands been rc-litted and rc-furiushea in every department, and is now seccnni to nonewe.'t of the Missnti River. Tlie tables arc always supplied Willi tlie best in the market, servci.i in the latest and best style. .Sample rooms for commercial travelers, and every attention given to transient enstoih. yiil-lf. THE TELESCOPE. THUllSDAY, FKH. 3, 18S1. TOWN AND COUNTY NEWS.   - Old papers for sale ut this ofllce. Doa't forgot those SI.00 .shoes at Eh, Kumxiidy's. For Sai.u.-A No, ] work horse, ehenp for casli.  Apply at tliis ortlcc. .Tapancso Ink Powder tliat woit't freeze, tit Hallowell A Adams'. Don't fall to read the new advorfiso-meiU of Groou Mountain Coti^h sain. Yesterday wan {jroiind-hog' day, and acf.ordinp; to tlie old ndnKc, wo are to have six weelis of cold weather yet. Competition in (lie meat trade has redueed the price of steak to three and fonr pounds for 25 cents. Go to Hallowell & Adams and get a .<'ainple hottlo of Boschee'.s Cierinaii Syrup fur coughs and colds. Messr.=(. .1. H. Crane and A. .T. .=!mith have opened a new butcher shop in the Van Trump building', tirst door north of the post ofllee. Aecordiiifr to the, iiews in the daily paiiers the Kansas Le<,dslatiire is making slow progress. But look out for fun near the end of the si'.ssion. The protracted meeting in the I\r. IC. Cliurcli still continues, and is resulting in mtieh, A cordi;d invitation is extended to all to attend. Save your broken dislie.�, glass were, etc., ami go lo Hallowell & Adams and got the best cement in the-world and repair them so that they will be as good as new. ifr. I). Clemnions Ims n neat new sign ilaced on Ids new hhicksmitli shop to et yoti knov,- where yon can get all (irs.t-'di\:-'.h work done in his line at li\'- ing pricey. Dr. Jlarshnli's lAing Synip is a staiulard remedy iind willctirea cough or cold in Indrtho time re ti i I- i n (s Promptly alteu.iled to Terms Reasonable and Strictly Ca&h. iu u. The singi\ig class organized at this )lacc some few -weeks jigo by i'rof. Leslie is .still in oipcration' iintler llie supervision of home talent, and is progressing with marked eretlit. As ilie class is being instructed free of charge, and with only an expense for fa<-i luifl lights, v,-ouUl it not be well for it to favor the eoinniunity with a concert, which would not oidy be a treat, but a logitinuite means of raising funds to defray such expenses as arc necessarily .iucuired...... ___________________.............. There is noliiing in which mum! good judgment should bo exercised than in the purchase of a medicine I'm' couglis and Cfddri.   To those wIki do not desire to experiment with  jirepnrations of doubtl'ul utilily, we would say, "buy O. & C.'a Cough Remedy and you will get (lie best made."   H allays'tlie irri-' tation and tickling of the throat, aids J expectoration and oiieiis tlie accretions. p\'lierever its siipe-riur <|uali(ies liavc I become known, it is the ackiiowled;;-ed I standanl.   II; "ill rc!ie\'e Inmi'sn-.'ss or I cure a eidd in less time than any (dlier ' prejiar.itimi ever produced.   Sold liy Dr. C. Taylor. 388-4t AN AGKIOBIVrWHAI., SOOIETV. By request wc I'e-publisli below the nrtlele written by Capt. Dixon and printed in (he Tkle.scopb some eighteen inontha ago, relative to the best means of organizing and conducting a Cotinty Agricultural Society. Thear-tiele having met with pretty general apjH'oval at the timcof itspulvlication, wo eoinmend its perusal by all interested, as our farmers now seem rife to tlieir interests, and deternnned to be no longer outdone liy the farmers of the neighboring counties in making proper and profitable development of their products. Believing tno time near that a well conducted association would meet with the hearty co-o leration of go-ahead fanners and mec uinics throughout the county, 1 tliere('(n-e think it in season to l.'iy'before (lie public my jilan of es-tabli'sliiiig a ])ernianent," iirosperous, and henedcial .-Sgricultural Society. KAMI-:.   ' The organization to lie called the " Rt']iublie Connly Agricultural and ^Itjrfntrrn:mWT)iTrtTt woes are o'er, tl.'y last tears shell, ^\'lK;n. o'er the mortal, triiimiihs tlie immortal. ' Tliou'llsco tliy biibv smiling with thv (iod. ___        __i:i!SA. Bei'IM!T.ic City, .Jan. ,Slst, '81. EruToii Telk.scoi'i; :-Work on the bridge Is going on very finely, con.'id-eriiig the very cold weather. O. N. Diindas is driving the piles. W. C. .SliuU is as busy as a beaver, wliih! .Taeob i5ock makes a first-nife boss.- All (he piles and caps tire now on the river. Mr. Carsido is receiving bids on a three-story building, if! y. .50 feet. Worl^ will be coinnieneed within two -weeks. �lames Midgely has secured lots, and as socm as spring opens will begin a- good brick or stone building,"20 ^i^ntf feel, just north of the billiard saloon. Other buildings are in eonteniiilii-tion, but not far enough along to give yon the partieul;u's. 'I'heTown Coi'iipany litis piircliasi.'d (he laud east of tlie oUl town si(e clear to (he (ownsliii) line, anil -will l.i;y it oil' into (own lots ;is soon as the \vcallie;-wili i-iermit. Mv. \V. Spoils has (he contract fe.r makiiuv the bolls f(u' tlie (wo lirid^es over (lie, sonudhing over l,S!l(l,-:i \-erygood job v,-e would think. We understiiiid I). L. Badley is (o work for him the coming-lun'mer, a( h'Mst lie is w(-irking in (lie slio]) now. The train failed tocoino up Saturday. (;' too much snow. Our shool is going alon'g line, although the seliolar.J c:)mpl.iiii .some .ihoid the teacher's strictness; but it is a .u'ood failing, lio.vs, it may ii.' a little bad to talce but it's good' medicine. Our legislatiii'e and lyceum are b itli growing in interest. It would pay ..-oti to Clime and Uikv part. ^Ve will come again when the spirit moves us, ' .S. (.'. SKeet and Pillow-Case Ball. To be given at Belltjville, iu Bmith'a Hall, Feb. Mth, 1881. Oyster Supper for those that wish it at the Restaurant. COMjriTTRKS ox J X N'lTATIOXS. � Belleville,-F. ^^ aiungcr, Kd. A; Hallowell Scnnilia.-W. A. Smith, W. .1. Allen. Willie Bock,-.!. Tippery, and II. K. Peckham. All are requested to come masked in a sheetor jdllow-ease and present tlieir invitations at the door. Aone will be admitted without an invitation unless proi.icrlv vouched for. Titdu't to danc-.', SI .00. ?irueic by Belleville String Hand, i)Al. Ai''--^".       ^Man:|"-erH \\ OOnWAIiD. 1  o^i-^. Winter caiis for oil cents at Ki). Ki::xxj;uv'.s. ThorougnlDied Cliickens. Choice Full Blood Plymouth Etock Clii ]y at'Cliis ofiice. 50 Bushels Osage Seed For sale at IMoslier's 7Cursery; also Blue Crass, (,'lover and Timotl'iy seed, with a full and complete assortment of (Jarden .'�^eeds. Ordersbv mail prompt-Iv execuled. .T. A". MOSHER, ' ;is4-{f. lU.'Uevi!le Kan. I would rospeetfnlly that parties indebted lome will |ileas(! call and pay at least ])ai-t. II not all ol their aeeoniits, m I am In need of niwodv with wliich to pnv inv llone^t debts litiO-Si D. CLl';;?d.\10N.S. Xotico is hereby given that the Tax Warrants have boi'n^niy.ljaiHla.tbr. collect ion. and nidessseit led inimedialely costs for traveling and eoUeetion of same will nec-t-v-sarilv have lo be iiieiiri-e.l. .lO.SI.VU KINDT, "SO-'M .Sherilf l'e|iublie (..'oiinty. r S. l'.t:CK\\'lTlI & CO., nellcville. Kan.. 7. win give speei:il atlention 10 ail kind': ol, work in Nonbein Kansas ami Soiilherii Nebraska. .'��iili.sbie'.ion gaaraiiteed and irirrospon-denee solb-iled. .)a.Mn:.s s. liii.cKwiTU .tco., ; iielleville. Kan. NOTICE OF ntSSOLUTION. Fr.ACi STA'riOX, .Tan. 27, IS.'U. Ell. TK!.l>'e'(>lM;:-As it is in order to ilisciiss the or.tcanization of an Agricultural Society looking to the holding of a Fair (Ids fall, 1 arise to inquire, first: Where is our old Agricultural Soci-ctv'> Where are its ofnccrs? Where is"theold Floral Hall'? Where is the old (.!liar(er'.>- If (iie old .Society with all its r.djuucts are tilings of the jiast, then I I'or'one am in favor of having new organizaiioii, or recognize the old Society and take steps to recover the Florrd' Hall which, ix my opixio;-; has liKKX t.ucex -vway in ax im.f.oal .�manx!:ll. But, to shorten along story, I will join Brother Badley in recommending ' up our I'll'' Wednesday .'-'iccceding the first t'i'ly^ ftir "it can 1k> put ioiwuMelwva-l'y^osiUiY in F^briii\vy      the Hnie to li\-e use. Let the people stand by each other, and continue to work and talk and agitate until they succeed in inducing some one to come liere and erect a steam (louring mill, for there is no heifer location fn-a mill in the Stale than here at Belleville. A week .'igo J''riday last ^^r. A. ,T. Hill and a numlier of his iieiglibors enjoyed a grand wolf chase. The animal' was starteil up near the fann of Mr. Hill, ('our miles northeast of this place, and eiuised as far as Ida,-snme niiK! miles distant-when it too!; a (urn and come back to near (lie place from where it was starteil, when it was captured by Andy Hill, who joined in with a 'fresh iioi'se. Mr. Hill says (piite a numlier of these pests in-I'cst Ids neighborhood, and if the neighbors will just give thealarm when one is routed, it will not take long to vM the country of tliem. We are iu receipt of a eommunica-tion in answer to live one piiblislicd by Mr. Ed. Bailey last week, in whicli ho admits tlie truth of enough of .Mr. Bailey's article lo convince us that he hold a preliminary ineeting looking to a permanent orga'uizatiou ; and if (lie trustees are luiwiliing to tiif;e a jitirt in the niiitter let the townships ceid some other delegate, s-j tiiat all the townships shall lie repres.;>nted.. Bet some one tell us in the mean time where our Floral Hall is, and in fact we would like to know where the ofU-eers of the old society are, jiiid wliy they did not do their duty in calling a meeting to elerd new ofiiccrs. liut i must stop.   More anon. R. V. WEST. Xew lino of calicos and di'y goods at Eu. Kkx'xkuv'.s. For the Next Thirty Days I shall continue to crowd off my clothing, boots and shoes, and all woolen goods at the very lowest figures t;> make room for our spring stock. M. E. HALT;. Osage Seed" lOO liushels of Osage seed for sale   ,,   ,   ,      ,          ,   .                iit Excelsior Nursery, 4 miles north (.Air. B.) had good grounds lor publish- ^nat of JUdleville.   YVarranted growth iiig what he did.   The correspondent! ,f isso.     3lJl           E. POWELE> admits liie misleading of the jiarties | ____ Valentines! Valentines! t in search of L and says it was in-The balance of" the tended as a joke. commuiiicalion is scurrile of-Air. B., for whicli we think there is lu grounds, hence we decline its publication. Dtermined-to do Itl Wc arc now engaged in invoi(>ing our stock, and will be in a few days, when we will mark all goods down Willi a determination to clear out everything on liand to make room for the immense spring sbick about to be onlered.   AVe mea intend (o clear our she! ves within the ne.Nt (Idriy days, if  marking down prices is any iiidueemeiu (o purchasers. 1   Call and"exainiiicgoods.   Noirouble ! to sliow goods and give lU'iees. i BROCK A .STRAIN.* Cupid's Darts and Komics till you cant'trest. JVIakes your heart llu"tter to look al them at M. E. HAEL'S. GnJovcK �elliiijjsitCostnl; KEIVIVEOY'S. JSgg^Subscribe for the TKl.lisroPO and I,eaven\vorth Times.   Only Twe .........._......, DoLLAKS per year.   Wo will make AVe inean liusiness, audi these rates to all those only one yeaj' in arrears, who present time. will pay up to the ut Big lot of qucenswaro just received t- I'll). Kexnkuy's. Notice is hereby given that the eopin'tner-�-hip liei-e.tofore ciistin^ bclween MrCi)!!-MIC'IC & iSKCKWri'H is by mulual cniiseiit ili-.-:i)ivcd. -Vll uiisetlled bu.-ine-s and iin-liiii.Nliei.1 ivoi'li i:o-.v peicjing will be settled liy tlie linn. G. !!. Mrl,'oilMirK, .1.     hM.-icwi in, Helleville, .]:ni. l'2lh. t'-'Si. iiiiil-.Tt Notrce' foi- i3ubircatiori7No'."iG83'. Laxi) (jFi'iri.;, i;r.\c;oi;riiA, Kax. [ ..'.�iiHiary ISili, lii^M . i Ndliee ]�� hereby given that the (ollowiiig-iniined-selllei'has liletl his intention to nUvUe tiiial pniiif in t lil liij eiaiin. and secure linal entry liicrcof on f ATl.'HDAY. MARCH ruh IS8I, liofore 111,? i'r.ibale .Ind.iiuol nejiiiblit; County, at I'.elleMlle, Kansas, viz : David Wii.Ii'ik, lloin.-stcad Kiilrv No. lllikS lor I he EhSKi and N Win i'i and s Wi N Sec. '.17 T. 1, S. Pt. ;i W., and naine.i the following as his witnesses to prove Ids e.-nitiiiiious residence upon and enllieatiuii ol said trael. viz ; A.lilenu, D. J-'niler, .). J. ^\'l!k(s and C. l';'.l-h,'l-, all of t.'raiiivilli'. Uepullie Couiif', KaiL-iis, li. ii. Ml KCKUUN. .J^-JM'VT-lO-IT-'it _ ,    ^ _ Hoticofor PuhSication"riio. i368.'~ L.vxii t.)fi'-i(.'i-:, CfiNCoi'.niA. Kan. 1 .Janiiar)-, U:h. IKSl. | Noiiee i-i hereby giieii that 111,' (( llowing-naiiicd seltlei-lias illed nolieeni ids iiitcniioii lo make linal |iro(il in snpport e|- hi- claim, and sreiire linal enlrv 111 .reef "ill "VVKDNDSDAY; .MAIICH '2,1, im. al. the V. S. l-iir.d Oiui-e at Coneoiilia Kansas. liU l.l.n.^ Kk.SS!.-!,, lloni- -leid iill-trv No. ll.ST.s, loi- the .''.' I'.'f ol .Se.-Ilnii 10, 'll'i.l. S U. H V,'. and nil-'.!'s the is his wiliiesses In prove hia ci.i.tiniinus resilience upon aiiil ciilliv-ilion of ^ald ii-'u't � \Vm. Davis, Win. linl-bo-d, I,yi).,n ^*":ld-er and C. Slirork. all ul helleville. Republic Coinitv, Kaiisii. i!. JlrlCcicilo.N. .ii,';--Ji)-i;T-K-.'i-iQ____itegisur. Notice for Publicatinn i'io !7! i. i.A.ND Ul'i'ick at (.OXi-OnlJlA, KaX-. .lanuary A.^tli. A. D. ml. Notice Is hereby riven tlial t'lo lollowing-!�ed sillier has liled  notice of his inteii-tieii to mal;e linal proof in fiipjiort of his claim, and secure Ileal entry thereof on .SATI'KDAY, -MARCH (0, ISSl, before the Prnhate .Imlge ol rieput'iic (.'oiui. tv. at Iielleville. K.-iiimu, vi/, : '.JDIIN Ffl.i.'O.MICIt, llomcsteail Entry No. (1,1171, lor the N IC'^/ See. ;U, T.)\vii ;i, .s. Range .'!, AYest, ami n.Moes ihe liillowiiig as his ivitnesses lo |ir,e, c his eo ntrniious resi-denc- ujioii .iml eiiltiv^ileiii of said tract, viz; I--, luiult, .1.lines i l.'-ni.iii. .Fohii Kuhn and D. C. liower>o.\-. all ol IJcUeville, .Republic  . iJ. Ii. McKC'ltl-cox, F-3-10-17-2!-i:i-3        - Register. Notice for Publication No. 1705. I.ANO Ori'IOE. (.ONCOUnlA, ICax., .Jaliu-nry '27lh, IStd. Nolii'c is horeliy given that the lollowing. named sittler:. have, tiled notices of liieir in- i teniioii  to make linal proof inMipportuf] their claims .-ind .-eeiire linal entry thereof on , .SATCI'.DAY, MAUCil Ifllh,' IIISI, before   the   I'robate   Judge of  Uepiiblii L'onnlv. Kansas, viz ; LKO'NAUD HO.'sWDtll'H, Homestead Fh-trv No. - p.':�l; tor tiipFJrS lii-STMi-. u/aiid ! r.j N KJ^" Se,'. i.]. Town 1, S. n. a West, and mimes the lollowing- 'is Ids wiliic.-ises to jirove Ills colliiniioiis rfsidciicc iijion and cultivation ol said iract. viz : ,r W. .smith. .1. \V. I'.eiKliiig. li.Slierwood ami F. E. Taompson. all of Talniage, Kepuh-lic County liaiisas. HUBBELL DIRECTORY. Hiibhell is beautifully located on .Section "(>, town 1 norili, range 1 west, in the Valley ol Kose Creek, in the soiilheasterii corner of Tha> er County. N^di.^aud _u.d.ioiuliig the State lli'e-one ol t!ie Uesirable pi>rtioiis-o(-NTrhr.TJtmnftrKai^as. If is the eentro of a well settleil, highly cultivated, iiiid rich agrietillural couniry. Timber, water and stone are abundant. 'I'lie town, wliieh i.s imw tho paslrrn terminus of the Ueiiublican Valley It'dlroiKl, i.s rapidly building up,'An bid.s fair to bccunie one ol the best lailroiid tov.ns III the west. ii-.'/.L!..ji--i-i:.-t' OR. Konv.^s, I'roptricior. Fii'st-flass aceomnindatinns. Comniereial travelers esiieeiallv are invited lo give mo � call, (.ood livery stable convenient to holel. Sample room liir coninicreiiil men. Wu study to please.   Charges reasonabh!. ;>S!)-tf di;ai.):i5 i,n Saddles, Harrsess ^ Horse Clothing Oenerally. KS^'A full supply of Furnishings constantly on hand. Ail work warranted and Biitin-faclion gmoanlecd. 388-tl'. F. SI. SMSTSS, DISALKI! IN 1 Am QEITTS FUR:^TISHINa GOODS. J li.-ivc a well .selected slock and will sell as ehrap iis wc-'t of St. Joe. (IIl3"By fair dealing I hope to merit a siiare of your oatroiiage. Will Sou Ovcfooatss at Const iirtor .Jwiiiinvy 5st.. (). ,s. KIlOOl-CS. it.    Fowi.i-at. DKAi.Klta i; Farmimg, Gardening and r^echanic's Tools, And everything rise found in a (irst-elass hAi'dware store. ESrC'ivc us a Call and look .-it our stock.   \Vv warrant siilisfaction. nubbell, Nebra.ska. Dec. 2;!d. 18.S(l. 38(t-tf. CiliO. A. BL'kn1ia.-\I. S. A. A JlD'JTltXOT. (I'"orraerly ol (.'uba) Dealers in J AS! Kinds Dry Goods, Groceries^ Ready-Made Clotliiiig', Hats and Caps, Market Price paid for ail kind.1 of Farm Proiluce. HiiblrU, Neb., Dec. 'i.-id, l.S,sO. ^St]�^(. ('. C. l-:XSI.'jW. K. \V. MAUKM.VX. Sewing l^achines, f^-li^sica! iRstriiments, lES jsks-also coffins and caskets of all kinds, Hubbell, N(\b., Dec. --i'id, II^S.). _^---__-v^_^_^-,,-,__,,_^......_ r. V,.    i:r]'Yi!io. .iM-tf. a. II. noTinvEr.i,. nr. A i, Kits in" Sdu)is. Comlis and i^.nislie.'-. Tni-~es. .Supporters. ShoiiMor liracns.  I'"ancy and Toilet .\nii:le.-,, iSooks and Slalioneiy, Kerosene Oil, l.ampii & Cliimiicys, Pure V�ine3 & Liquors 1 Medicinal Purposes, Grass i- Oanlen S^eds, fdass, Putty, Painis, Oils, VMrnishcs, Dye Stuffs, 3...tJ"Fainily .Medieines and Pliysieians' Prn.seriptions ae.-.'uratnly compounded at nil lioins.   Goods si.'lectiid with care iind warranted as represented.   ' ." T. N. .�^I'CA.LL. J.      M'CALl-. DEAi.KR.s i:; ClothBiig, Hats, Caps, Boots a^id Shoes, � Crockery, dueensware, Etc., dCiTin fact evervthing kept in a lir^t-ela's general store, wlileh will he sold at prices lat defy cun!|ietilion. 'Highest market lirieii paid for all kinds ol Farm Produce. that Illihliell, Neb,. D.-e. 2;!rd. IHH). ,580-1 r. 11.\ U.Sil. v.. II. U.ill.'iU. DKAl.KttS l.n Doors, Blinds, Etc. Also Building Paper aaad Coal I !!rs"g"A mil supply of everything in our line kept eonstan'ly on liiuid, and sold at ;n low L'nres as at any other yard west of the Jlissouri lliver. r,,si;-tf. figures as at any Hubbell. Neb.. Deo. S.ld, ISSO. SHAW BRO.'S, (Sueeessov.s to I'ricB Ui-os.) WEST SIDF of tho PUBLIC SQUARE I$ell
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